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NAT. Rose Hip Oil to the Rescue
Wednesday, 30 May 2012 12:30

NAT. Rose Hip Oil to the Rescue

Research in the field of natural skin care has uncovered a wide variety of beauty and wellness benefits associated with the use of pure rose hip oil. NAT. is proud to offer these remarkable benefits to clients all over Australia and New Zealand with pure, certified organic rose hip oil, the newest addition to their natural beauty and skin care line. Available for purchase early July, 2012, NAT. rose hip oil is sure to be one of the most quickly growing skin care trends of this year.

What is it and How is it Used? NAT. Rose Hip Oil to the Rescue
Rose hips are the seed pods found at the middle of roses. They ripen as the flower blossoms and are harvested when the petals naturally fall away. The oil from these pods consists of high levels of essential fatty acids and numerous vitamins, and is therefore utilized as an important part of a balanced diet in many areas of the world.

In addition to its obvious nutritional benefits, the oil extracted from rose hips is currently transforming the face of natural Australian skin care. Its regenerative properties are used to restore a youthful and healthy appearance to skin tissues that have been damaged in a variety of ways.

Acne, Accidental and Surgical Scars – Massaging the oil firmly into scarred tissue twice daily for approximately three months visibly reduces raised skin and redness. Stretch marks can be effectively prevented and treated with the same method of application.

Eczema and Dry Skin – The symptoms of eczema, which include dryness, flaking and redness, see extensive improvement within weeks of the first use.

Skin Burns – The healing elements of the oil moisturize and infuse skin with essential protectants that guard against damaging free radicals. Anti-inflammatory in nature, the oil serves as an excellent salve for sunburn.

Signs of Aging – Wrinkles, dry patches and discoloration are all symptoms commonly seen in aging skin. These and related signs of aging are effectively treated with the oil from rose hips, all without the danger of unexpected side effects associated with some over-the-counter and prescription anti-aging remedies.

NAT.’s Commitment to Exceptional Australian Skin Care

The NAT. natural skin care line is proud to offer the most quality-tested, effective and naturally sourced cosmetic products in the world. Cutting edge technology combined with a dedication to natural and uniquely beneficial skin care makes for a strong foundation in a constantly evolving beauty industry. With its 2012 release of certified organic rose hip oils, NAT. continues to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to leading beauty and skin care innovations.

NAT. Rose Hip Oil to the Rescue

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