To find the NAT. FACE
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Normal to dry

Skin like nature and the seasons go through cycles. Stress, pollution, exposure to the sun and natural elements are also a few factors that infl uence the condition of normal skin. Normal skin needs balance and maintenance to slow down the natural ageing process.


Combination Oily

Skin that behaves as if it has different zones; one that is excessively oily, the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin), prone to blemishes, acne and unwanted shine and the rest of the skin is somewhat oily to normal.


Dehydrated Skin to Very Dry Skin

When skin is very dry, there is a feeling of tightness and sometimes the tendency to flake. Superficial lines may be visible and prone to the premature signs of ageing.


Sensitive and Fragile Skin

Skin that is fragile and prone to redness, re-active to heat and cold and harsh environmental elements.

The NAT.FACE Range

Where nature meets science, we have tapped into the heart of plants, drawing only the best essences from botanicals that nurture and heal. Combining these with scientific research and cutting edge technology, our formulas are proven to improve skin tone, texture and elasticity. If naturally healthy, radiant and glowing skin is of prime importance to you, then, the NAT.FACE skincare regime provides the natural solution and the promise of great skin.